I am a photographer and microscopist for The University of Auckland, New Zealand. In my microscopy, I try to capture the ethereal beauty seen at the macro level, often viewing specimens at 200 or 400 x the magnification of the human eye. It's the little details which fill me with wonder.

I've been an amateur photographer for many years with an interest in macro and abstract imaging, often seeking the simple beauty in the everyday. 
As a professional photographer, I now focus on portraits and indulge my love for abstract images by experimenting in Photoshop.

The work shown on this website is a sample of imaging done in my own free time. If you would like to arrange a photo shoot with me, please get in touch. You can also find me on Facebook.

"Ascension". Pine cone pollen at x40 magnification, captured on a Leica DMRE microscope. Natural autofluorescence with a long pass filter. Multiple images composited in Photoshop.

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